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As the glaciers retreat, their juices embark on a long migration towards warmer waters. Still in search of equilibrium, they fight their way across the lands in organised chaotic patterns. I’ve always wanted to capture the scale of this wet migration and finally came close by stitching together 46 individual top-down drone photos into this massive photo. And this is still just a small part of the river delta.


Looking for Equilibrium by Nature

PriceFrom $145.00
  • Available in these sizes

    S - A3 / 11.7“ x 16.5”  Edition of 20
    M - A2 / 16.5“ x 23.4”  Edition of 15
    L - A1 / 23.4” x 33.3”  Edition of 10
    XL - 106 x 150 cm / 41.8" x 59.1"  Edition of 5


    Each edition is supplied with a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity for provenance.


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Read about how NORTH by NATURE came together, the story behind each piece, browse the collection and find all the info about editions sizes, editions, and quality in a PDF that almost smells like a freshly printed book.


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