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Our Sustainable Choices

100% Carbon Neutral Prints

To be able to offer 100% carbon-neutral prints to you, I have chosen to work with theprintspace. They provide an end-to-end carbon-neutral service, meaning they minimize their energy use where they can and use suppliers of renewable energy. They also use The Gold Standard to offset all of their Carbon Emissions.

You can read more about their sustainability policy on their website.

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Sustainable materials

The materials theprintspace uses to produce your orders have been carefully selected to reduce their impact on the environment whilst still ensuring your orders get to you in perfect condition.


All their packaging is environmentally friendly, meaning that everything is either recyclable or biodegradable. That includes stickers, tape, compostable bubble wrap as well as the frame edge protectors.

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Are all theprintspace services 100% carbon neutral?

Yes, all services at theprintspace are 100% carbon neutral.

Are your archival papers made from sustainable materials?

Our Giclée paper manufacturers only use resources from sustainable forest management areas. This program ensures the preservation and protection of biodiversity, the renewal of the forests’ habitats, and decreasing of the impacts of exploitation of forest areas for future generations. The paper made at their mills is certified for the traceability of the wood fibers from the origin of non-threatened forests.

Are the packaging materials for art & photo print orders sustainable?

Yes, all the packaging used for customer orders are a mixture of sustainably sourced, recyclable, or biodegradable.

Are my art print & frame order deliveries carbon-neutral?

Yes, we calculate the carbon emissions caused by order deliveries and offset the emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.


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