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No place on Earth is as fiercely protected as the inner sanctum of Greenland’s east coast. Guarded by millions of broken glacial pieces forming an almost impenetrable wall of icebergs, all telling you - this is not a place for humans. This is not planet Earth anymore. Still, we set out on an ambitious expedition to sail this forbidden coast. Looking for shelter for the evening in the little that this fjord offered against the extreme elements, the ocean around us started to freeze, and we had to make an escape plan before getting stuck for the long night.

States of Matter by Nature

PriceFrom $145.00
  • Available in these sizes

    S - A3 / 11.7“ x 16.5”  Edition of 20
    M - A2 / 16.5“ x 23.4”  Edition of 15
    L - A1 / 23.4” x 33.3”  Edition of 10
    XL - 106 x 150 cm / 41.8" x 59.1"  Edition of 5


    Each edition is supplied with a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity for provenance.


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